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We welcome all patients, whether you are funding yourself or through an insurer. Please enquire for the rhinoplasty cost, nose filler cost or non-surgical nose job cost.


The fee for the initial consultation (examination, evaluation and discussion) is payable at the time of the consultation. The clinic will be happy to discuss fees and methods of payment at the time of making the appointment.


For the majority of surgical procedures, an inclusive charge has been arranged with the hospitals. The hospital will write to you about your admission, after which a payment can be processed on the day of admission.

Many of our patients undergo procedures that do not require emergency treatment and will have adequate time to discuss a claim with their insurance company or make other financial arrangements.


Fees will be discussed with the patient during consultation. So that patients may be assured of no further unexpected charges for the surgery, we ask that all patients pay in advance if they are receiving an aesthetic procedure.


All our surgeons and the Harley Street Nose Clinic are registered and approved by all the major insurance companies.

Insurance companies will not normally allow claims for aesthetic procedures. Occasionally, if an alteration to the appearance of the nose occurs as part of the procedure to improve function or following trauma to the nose, they may allow a claim for all or some of the cost. We will be happy to assist you with any queries concerning this.


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