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Patient Information

Initial consultation

At your initial consultation we will discuss your specific concerns and perform an examination of the ear, nose and throat. This may involve endoscopic procedures carried out under local anaesthesia.

If necessary, further investigations may be arranged at this time, e.g. blood tests, CT or MRI scans, skin prick allergy tests or digital medical photographs and computerised profile planning.

Follow-up appointments

At your follow-up appointment(s), the results of investigations (such as scans) will be discussed and further treatment plans made.  Any proposed surgery will be discussed in detail, with time to address any questions.

If you have had surgery, you will be given details of your follow-up appointment prior to your hospital discharge. 

Post-operative care

At the time of your admission, you will be given contact details to ensure that post-operative support is available to you.

When attending your initial consultation, please bring along any medications you are taking and inform us of any medical problems or allergies you have.

If you have a letter from your general practitioner, please also bring this with you as this is preferred.