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Patient Testimonials

I came to see Dr Roberts on the advice of a friend. Dr Roberts instantly made me feel comfortable and relaxed. He examined my nose and felt that injectable fillers would be the best way to treat my case. He was so right. With just a small amount of filler he balanced my nose and made a huge difference. I am so, so pleased with the results. It has given me my confidence back. I wish I had found Dr Roberts earlier. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
– Mrs L Nicholls

I can’t thank you enough for the amazing results you have achieved and given that you had very limited options I think it’s nothing short of a miracle!!! Thank you again for your professionalism and perseverance in working with me to achieve the best results possible given my challenging circumstances 😉 My entire experience from beginning to end has been an absolute pleasure. From the initial consultation and throughout the whole process, you have listened to my concerns to include post operation, didn’t quibble or dismiss my concerns regarding some potential revisions and most importantly, to me, acted and worked towards the best achievable results possible.
– Anouska

Having suffered persistent sinus problems for many years I have been a regular patient of Mr David Roberts at the Harley Street Nose Clinic. The excellent treatment, guidance and consideration I continue to receive has enabled me to cope with this ongoing troublesome condition. I would recommend Mr Roberts and staff to patients seeking the very highest standard of care and kindness.
– Jill Hale

I had a wonderful experience in choosing to have rhinoplasty with Dr Roberts. He has a great bedside manner and listened carefully to my concerns and requirements, understanding that I wanted a natural result. The results are even better than I imagined! I would recommend Dr Roberts to close friends, and have done so already
– Julia

Having considered Rhinoplasty for 30 years, I decided to put my trust in Mr Roberts. The whole process from initial consultation to aftercare has been efficient and professional. Mr Roberts is honest and realistic in what he can achieve safely. He didn’t rush me into making a decision and offered a second consultation at no charge. I had my surgery at King Edward VII where surgeons are invited to operate, so I knew I would be in very skilled and experienced hands. Mr Roberts came to see me before my surgery to discuss any last minute worries and put me at ease. When the surgery was over, he waited to see me to reassure me everything went well. The overall care I received whilst in hospital was exemplarily.

I returned to Mr Robert’s office 7 days later to have my cast removed, he’d gone beyond my expectations, my nose looked truly amazing, even with swelling and bruising. It’s been an emotional time, but he’s changed my life for the better, giving me the confidence I lacked mentally and aesthetically.

Three months on I still can’t stop looking at my nose and thinking wow. Thank you again Mr Roberts for all you have done.
– Tracey Noble


Top tips on treatment of sinusitis

Sinusitis is the inflammation of the lining of the sinuses, most commonly caused by a viral or bacterial infection. Sinusitis is the inflammation of the lining of the sinuses, most commonly caused by a viral or bacterial infection.

Symptoms include a blocked or runny nose, facial pain and tenderness, a high temperature and headache.

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Skiing, nose bleeds, and prevention

With the ski season just around the corner, proper preparation for your adventures on the slopes is just as important for your fun as well as your safety.

Apart from the required physical fitness you’ll need, and all the right (fashionable) clothing and ski gear required, you’ll also need to prepare your head and neck areas.

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